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Yefim Kaushansky was an incredible man. He was charismatic, outgoing, loving, kind and most of all selfless and loyal. He encompassed all the characteristics of someone you wanted to meet, someone you wanted to be around.

Yefim was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiform in January of 2004. He underwent western medical treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, along with various holistic approaches to therapy. He was strong and wanted to get back to life...back to his family, back to work, back to making people laugh, and fighting past this terrible diagnosis. Based on statistics, he was only given a life expectancy of about a year. “No Way!” were the words he uttered and he fought...fought for his family and his future. Regrettably we lost him in August 2011 at age 64, 7 1/2 years after the diagnosis. He put up a valiant fight but ultimately he was lost.

The condition is awful and scary and takes too many great people away from their loved ones. It is in his memory that we have organized the YK Foundation. With our efforts and the help of those around us, we strive to make a difference, find a cure, develop better medicines, educate people on alternative treatments, and support families that are fighting for their loved ones.

Our dad was and always will be an amazing man. His strength and devotion will be always be part of our hearts and embodies the spirit of this foundation.

Sandi Kaushansky-Celenatano

YK Foundation, Founder.


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